Radoslav Albrecht, founder of Bitbond, explains the benefits of tokenizing securities and why it is happening in Germany.

Nitin Gaur, leader of the IBM World Wire team, discusses remittances, banking, and what is will take for the financial world to adopt Stellar.    

Learn about the future of blockchain-based retail payments with Danny and his Ilmatic Wallet.

Andy Wermke explains why SatoshiPay built a Stellar wallet called Solar Wallet and what blockchain wallets will focus on in 2020.

Wireless technology guru and serial entrepreneur Micha Benoliel discusses his journey to Nodle.io. Nodle is focused on providing infrastructure to the internet of things and incentivizing users and developers with cryptocurrency.

Listen to this 5 minute explanation on why Stellar technology is so interesting and important!

Cosmic.plus creator Antoine Bodin describes his journey to Stellar and why delegated signing is so important. 

Frederick's unique background developing trading systems and indie games had lead him to create Litemint.  Learn how Frederick plans on converting gamers to blockchain gamers!

Listen to Daniel Fisher's unexpected and refreshing ideas.  Daniel is the founder of non-profits Public Node and Lumenthropy.

Learn about the German Stellar community, asset tokenization, timed payments, and Hans' blockchain journey from 2013 to Blue Orion.

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